Artwork Guide

File Format

We accept the following file formats:
Artwork submitted in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel and PowerPoint) or other formats require conversion to vector format.
*Additional charges may apply for format conversions.

Colour Mode

We strive to print colours exactly as they appear in the supplied artwork. To avoid errors in the finished product, we strongly recommend supplying artwork files in CMYK colour mode.
To ensure the accuracy of the printed colour and avoid any colour differences in the finished product we require artwork files supplied in CMYK Colour mode.
*Additional charges may apply for artwork using PMS / Pantone colours.

Image Resolution

To show the picture perfectly on the finished product, please ensure your artwork has a minimum resolution of 300 DPI. Please note that higher resolution images generally result in larger file sizes.

Font Outline

With access to thousands of fonts available on the internet for both Mac and PC, we cannot guarantee that the fonts used in your artwork are available to us on our system. This situation applies to AI, EPS, and PSD files only. We carefully check the supplied artwork before it is printed but missing fonts can cause errors in the finished products and delay the printing process.

Transparency, Effects, Links

If separate images are included as links, please be sure to embed them in your document. If you are using effects such as transparencies, shadows, blurs etc., these may appear on your screen but may not be printed on the finished product. These effects need to be rasterized to ensure they show on the final print.

Final Proof

Please ensure your text size is not too small. Also, make sure that the thicknesses of your strokes are at least 0.25 pt or bigger to ensure visibility. Any really thin lines or tiny design elements may not appear on the final print if the border of the font is too thin.

Proof Checking Guide

Key Areas to Check
1. Spelling (and grammar)
2. Details (complete names, phone numbers, email addresses, home/business addresses, dates and times)
3. Pictures/artwork and logos (Are they sharp enough? Is the resolution of any images high enough?)
If you are happy with your proof, please send us an email to confirm your approval. We are unable to print any order until we have this confirmation and approval from you.